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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Anbieters AKOPSO

Stand: 24. Nov. 2016

GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS FOR PRO The general conditions are on the website : We remind you that our "à la carte" tariff grids are available on request from the office. We also conclude a discount by the signature of a contract based on high number of sales.

1. THE PRICES INCLUDE Booking of a tour guide, a tour leader or an assistant, for a minimum period of 2 hours... The language chosen. The duty-free price, the VAT (Value added taxes) amount and the price all taxes included. The travel expenses all taxes included unchangeable and calculated, on the base of the visit chosen.

2. THE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE All the extras like transport or lodging... are at your charge. We do not take care and/or do not purchase tickets, neither we book a "right to speak" (except exception, cf part 5).

3. TYPES OF SERVICES SOLD Licensed Tour Guide : patented professional leading tours on site, monument or in a museum, in a chosen language, in order to help to discover the attractions of a cultural or natural heritage... Non Licensed Tour Guide : non licensed professional that lead external sightseeing tours.

Tour Leader : professional licensed or not, for coaching technical, linguistic and logistical... over a long period (+4 hours of service, or circuit including a hotel night minimum). Assistant : professional licensed or not inserted for the technical, linguistic and logistical framework on short term...(coaching stations, airports, hotels...).

4. PRICES SUPPLEMENT Supplement night tariff : +50% on the hour rate from 23.30 to 6.30 Supplement TAXI from 23.30 to 6.30 Supplement double language service +30% Supplement castle/museum double tour +50% The 1st of May supplement of 100%, the 1st of January supplement of 100% Travel costs calculated at real, based on a second class common transport, or by car at 0.5€ per km. Lunch/dinner break for mission from 5H and more, 20€ (all taxes included) will be charged all taxes included if free meal. Bank fees for advance ticket(s) or reservation(s) <100€ = 10€ Bank fees for advance ticket(s) or reservation(s) >100€ = 15€ Service Guide + Biking = +30% on the normal price Service Guide + Driving = +30% on the normal price Minimum of 20% of supplement for any request outside the common or specific or technical Headset system = 3€ TTC/pers (compulsory for groups over 35 people)

EXTRA HOUR(S): Additional hour validated on the field by the two parties (client and agency) Day time (6.31 to 23.29) prices includes 20% of VAT - Common languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish): €40 TTC per hour - Rare languages (Cantonese, mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Polish): €50 TTC per hour - Very rare languages (all others not mentioned above): €60 TTC per hour Schedules and night extra: see point 4

PARTICULARITIES: Airport assistances, you need to calculate on a 3 hours basis Stations/hotels assistances, you need to calculate on a 2 hours basis Concerning guided tours of Versailles appointment on-site, you will be invoiced by 1 additional Hour. Special dates and particular events, ex : Christmas markets, Lyon Lights Festival, Carnival...

5. TICKETS FEES For any support on the group reservation, tickets purchase, a total pre-payment will be ask and management fees will be applied. Booking value (tickets and/or reservation) under 150€ TTC, 15€ TTC fees. Booking value (tickets and/or reservation) from 151€ TTC up to 300€ TTC, 35€ TTC fees. Booking value (tickets and/or reservation) from 301€ TTC up to 500€ TTC, 50€ TTC fees.

6. FEES FOR PRIORITY BOOKINGS AT -3DAYS OF THE ARRIVAL Management fees during opening time = 45€ TTC (20% of VAT) Management fees outside opening time = 90€ TTC (20% of VAT) These fees will be paid immediatly to start the work. They are not refundable.

7. CONDITIONS FOR GROUPS VISITS - We recommend maximum 30/35 persons per guide for a visit of quality. Over 40 people a second guide will be compulsory, or you will have to organise a headset system! - For people with reduced mobility, Akopso cannot be held responsible for a possible difficulty of access in private sites (museums, castles and monuments) as well as in public places. Please inform us of the presence of people with this profile. - Delay of the Group: the guide remains waiting for the group during the first hour, if no news from the group, in connection with the time attached to the reservation. In this case, the visit will be shortened to a time equivalent to the delay or, subject to availability of the guide and with the the agencies agreement, may be extended as much. The delivery will be then increased proportionally on the basis of the rates in effect, and only if the agency gives the green light to the guide on-site. - Delay of the guide: the group is still waiting for the guide during the first half hour. Subject to the availability of the guide, the visit may be extended to the delay time. In case of disagreement or impossibility, the visit will be shortened equivalent delay time and will give rise to a proportional reduction for the client on the basis of the rates in effect. Beyond half an hour of delay, the group is entitled to cancel the visit and to claim compensation which may not exceed the full price of the visit originally scheduled.

08. CANCELLATION PROCEDURE It is imperative to tell the agency about you cancellation by email and by phone.

09. CANCELLATION FEES Over 7 days : no fees hold From 7 to 4 days : 30% of the total of the booking 3 days and less : 100% of the total of the booking

10. CANCELLATION FROM THE BEHALF OF the Agency Illness or accident from the supplier, conditions of non security of the customers, or in the case of force majeure (strike of means of transportation, riots, attacks, storms, etc.), the agency can have the obligation to cancel the booking that you have made. The Agency will do what it can to propose you an alternative service. In case of definitive cancellation from AKOPSO, no amount of money will be deduct/encash, a reimbursement within 15 days will be made but you cannot claim any compensation for the damage done.

11. CLAIM DURING THE MISSION Customers who want to change (replace) and therefore cancel a guide/tour leader/assistant the same day as the service or circuit evoking the incompatibility or lack of skills, while the professional has started its work and therefor moved onto the place, cannot ask a full refund from the agency. The Agency will always retain 50% of the price of the first service to repay transport costs spent by the professional and also for the time spent by it. If the agency finds a real flaw (psychic level of language/disability problem) the service will be refunded 100%. The customer who wishes to change a professional must occur within two hours after the start of the service to be admissible.

12. COMPLAINT/AFTER SALE The agency will take into consideration each note and comment that you would like to make us. Depending the importance of the remark, we will try to give you an answer to your expectation. For that, please send us by mail your comments. The comments must be sent within the 15 days after the service in order to be considered.

16. RELATIONSHIP OF SUBORDINATION/BUSINESS PROVIDER The agency employ at the vacation or contract-out for every mission a tour guide, a tour leader and an assistant who will do the mission for you. Of course the agency has put years to constituted a file worth it and we're investing 100 % in order to find the professional adapted to your needs, either online or by our operational office. as we had unfortunate practices, which are to get in contact directly with the supplier after we have issued its coordinates, be aware that this behavior can engender a prosecution of commercial law (Tribunal de Commerce de Chambéry/SAVOIE) you'll have to pay damages and interest to the agency. This is a penal clause valued at 50% of the annual volume of case.

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