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I'm a licensed tour guide/organizer taking tours since 1991. My long experience enables me to give my guests an insight into the history and culture of Egypt



The Egyptian General Tour Guide Syndicate

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Why visit Egypt now? This is a good time to visit Egypt; the big tour operators are coming back, the number of tourists is not too high and the prices are reasonable.

Having a Master's in Egyptology and having been a tour guide since 1991, I'm well versed in mainstream Egyptology as well as other unconventional theories such as the Ancient Astronaut theory and many others developed by Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn, Stephen Mehler, Brien Foerster, Pierre Houdin and Colin Wilson. I'm capable of debating about these theories and contradicting one with the other.

I belong to the new generation of Egyptians who believe that Egypt is more than just the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I have a passion for discovering hidden corners in Egypt and unveiling the secrets of this fascinating, complex and diverse country. I have traveled extensively in Egypt and abroad and love cultural crossings, great conversations and, of course, authentic, delicious food!

All my tours have been created with the aim of sharing with you my favorite spots of Egypt, be it places, neighborhoods, cafes or restaurants. The tours are highly original and planned with a lot of care and attention to detail. These tours will be "personalized" so that you can experience the local people and culture of Egypt.

Doing the tours, I will give you an insight into the history, culture and civilization of ancient and modern Egypt. If you can afford eight days in Egypt, I strongly recommend my tour "Treasures of Egypt" which will help see the best tourist attractions and learn much about Egypt and the Egyptian people.

If you have any questions about Egypt or my tours, I'll be more than happy to help you out.


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