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Hey, I am an ex-without-money-traveller, now 22 year old, a little hard core hippie, but now back in the university to finish my studies.


Aktiv in den Kategorien: Thessaloniki, Rhodos

I take the diploma and focus my life in alternative therapy.

I like to stay most of the time in home or in my neighbourhood, is so small quite and safe, even if is 10 min walking from the center.

I like play music, I study Qanun and Cretan Lyra.

I like when the sun is down, to slow down my rhythms, close the lights and use only candle light.

I like nature, nature is the best for me place to re-thing, re-organize, balance and the if you have to go back to the city, to keep as long as possible connected with your self truly.

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