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Hello tourist. My name is Martoke Witlox and I work as a tour guide for 2 years now in the beautiful city of Salamanca.


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I am dutch but I life for over 20 years in Salamanca already. I can provide tours in english, spanish german and dutch.

The city makes it very easy to do my job since it has a great atmoshere and a lot of strange tales to tell. I came here first to study spanish, like a lot of other people here. Now I can share my experience as a tourist and my knowledge about the city with the toursists. Strangly enough it does give the tour some kind of extra sharing.

In the Netherlands I have studied tourisme and here in Salamanca I keep on studying, you have no idea how much histrory ans stories that you can tell about Salamanca. Let yourself be enchanted by this beautiful city which is called Salamanca.

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