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Love strangers & wanderers. Love traveling as it's the only way to escape from boring life.


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Hello! I'm glad you're visiting my page. My name is Giorgi. I graduated from the Tbilisi State University for the Philology, Georgian Language and Literature, than continued my research in Folklore and Ethnology. I've been an independent tour guide for over 10 years.

Just a few words why you should book my tours, what are advantages and what differs my tours from others.

First and main reason _ my tours are priced much lower than other travel agencies offer, but someone can ask: do you promise the same quality? As my company Travelcaucasus is quite small, I can avoid some expenses what other travel agencies have. I own 4/4 comfortable van Mitsubishi Delica with 7 seats, same vehicle what other travel agencies use. Comfort and safety during the travel should be important point, as in general, technical condition of vehicles not so high in Georgia.

My motto is: promise less, do more, so every time I have some surprises for you.

I'm PhD graduate in Folklore, have good knowledge of all Georgian regions, especially mountainous part. So if you are interested deeply explore traditions and culture of this unique country I can tell you something more than others.

I have traveled and studied in several foreign Countries (USA, UK, France and Turkey) in the past, worked in different hotels in England, so familiar with western style service which we lack in Georgia.

There are a lot of skilled tour guides in Georgia, but in rare cases they are native residents and professional researchers of North Georgian communities at the same time. Most interesting routs for tourists traced through the North East regions Pshavi and Khevsureti, where medieval fortress village Shatili and Mutso towers are located.

My ancestry comes from this region and not just by education, but also by life I'm in touch with their traditions and habits. Have a small house in mountains what I use for summer vocation and for tourists as well.

I don't want to talk a lot about myself how smart, kind or good I am. Better if others evaluate, just want to tell you, if you love nature, mountains and wildlife, want to familiarize with local culture, if you know the pleasure of fatigue which you pay for hiking up the hill, if you know what's the feeling to be closer to the sky_ you are on the right place.

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