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City , adventure , village , Eco tour guide with 5+ experience in leading groups to different natural and man-made monuments , to mountains , lakes , gorges , rivers , to historical places , like monasteries and castles.



Armenian Adventure Travel Association

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I have 10+ years' experience of hiking, trekking, and sightseeing in Armenia on my own, as well as 5+ years' experience as a group guide leading tours to various corners of Armenia and Georgia, providing them with interesting hiking trails through gorgeous mountains of Geghama, Aragats, Ajdahak, through lakes of Sevan , Parvana , Akna, gorges of mountainous rivers like Kasakh , Azat , Dcoraget and many more. I led tours to our wonderful castles and fortresses like Amberd or Smbataberd , just to name a few. In addition, I organized excursions to ancient churches and monasteries like Noravanq , Tatev , Hahgrtsin , Gosh and many other Armenian hidden gems. During my tours I always introduce the participants to local culture, giving them an unforgettable opportunity to experience local lifestyle, learn about local cuisine, cook local dishes, bake traditional Armenian flat bread lavash and indulge in our culture and traditions. I am well acquainted with all the necessary facilities as hotels, hostels, B&Bs, buses, micro-buses, which makes me the perfect person to make the tours interesting, smooth and unforgettable. Besides, I cooperate with a wide network of local musicians, yoga instructors, traditional dancers and other artists, who can participate in our activities and greatly contribute to warm, friendly, and creative atmosphere. My tours are an opportunity to experience Armenia less traveled.

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