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Canadian Naturalist and Outdoorsman I love to explore the secret places of the forests. Have spent my life in the wilderness, both Canada and the Amazon.


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Born here in British Columbia, Canada, I have always considered myself very fortunate to have been able to do some interesting things. After spending some time in the army at a very young age, I developed a certain taste for adventure. As a parachutist and fieldcraft instructor among other things, when I got out, one of the things that naturally seemed to fit was Smoke Jumping. (That is: parachute delivered fire fighters for the wilderness areas.)

I "jumped" in the Yukon Territory of Canada for a private company contracted to the Yukon Forest Service, fought fires in summer, in the winters traveled. Europe, Asia, the Middle East. One year camping in the Sinai Desert with a few friends, at the edge of the Red Sea, someone started raving about the reefs just off shore. So I borrowed a cracked snorkel, with a leaky mask, and ventured out over the edge of the reef. One look and I was hooked. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Like a landscape out of dreams, the fish, the coral, the colour. Unbelievable!

The next year I went back, and took my first diving course at a diving centre on the Red Sea. Liking it so much I took up as a professional. Within a few years he was finished teaching for dive centres and started my own little Scuba School in Vancouver, eventually, running my own dive charter boat.

About this time I got seriously into photography, underwater that is. I did shoots in the Red Sea and the coast of Canada, and then found some things on land that started to look like they would make a good photo.

About then I developed an interest in wildlife photography, got out of diving and back into wild fire suppression. On a winter trip to a place I had always wanted to see, the Amazon Rainforest. Again I had one of those unforgettable experiences in the forest. Again I was hooked. Not to mention falling for a beautiful Brazilian woman, who became my wife a couple of years later.

Neila (pronounced nail-ah) and I have been married for 25 years. With her help and the help of her family, most of which live in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon River, I have been admitted into Brazilian Society in a way that few foreigners ever are. Having led several photographic expeditions, and attempted to establish an Outward Bound School for Brazil I know my way around this fascinating part of the world..

Going back to school and spent some very happy years as a Software Consultant in Vancouver. And became the proud father of a wonderful little boy called Nicolas.

Always the adventurer, the family decided to spend a few years in Brazil to give Nick a chance to get to know Brazil and his family there. Spending 2003-4 in Belem, and working full time as an Amazon rain forest guide.

I am very comfortable in the wilderness in Canada or in Brazil, having spent so much time in both. My years in training remote access fire crews, and teaching diving students, as well as running a luxury charter boat and running photographic expeditions into the Amazon, has well equipped him for the role of host and guide.

Now in beautiful British Columbia, Canada I operate sightseeing tours for all tastes, from 4 wheel drive back roads camping tours to luxury wine and spa tours in our Cadillac touring limousines. Looking forward to seeing you here!

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