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4,0 Sterne - Sehr gut

'Prague Special Tours' wurde von Ivan Galik gegründet, der selbst über 10 Jahre als Tourguide gearbeitet hat und nun Führungen für Prag Touristen anbietet.


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Wir bieten Touren für Touristen in Prag an, die sich für mehr interessieren als nur die regulären Sightseeing Touren.
Für Besucher, die besondere Führungen suchen, die kein anderes Unternehmen anbieten, haben wir genau das Richtige.

Wir haben uns auf spezielle Themenführungen sowie Führungen nach Ihren Wünschen **spezialisiert, die uns zu einem der **einzigartigsten Unternehmen der Tourismusbanche in Prag machen.

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Bewertung von am
"Sehr gut"
Dominic Vogtmann empfiehlt dieses Angebot weiter

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Wir mögen keine gefälschten Kundenmeinungen. Deshalb dürfen bei uns auch nur rent-a-guide-Kunden das von Ihnen gebuchte und absolvierte Programm bewerten. Dies geschieht, indem wir nach Tourende unseren Kunden eine Mail schicken, damit diese Ihr gebuchtes Produkt bewerten können. So können Sie sich als Kunden ein authentisches Bild von dem Angebot machen.

Persönlichkeitsrecht ist ein hohes Gut: Unsere Kunden entscheiden deshalb selber, ob Sie bei der Abgabe der Bewertung ihren echten Namen oder ein Pseudonym verwenden möchten.

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Anbieters Ivan

Stand: 14. Nov. 2014

COPYRIGHTS: All maps, text, graphics, user interfaces, photogra phs, plans, documentation, presentations, trademarks, logos, texts, scripts, recordings, artw ork and computer code (collectively the “Content”), including, but not limited to, the design, structure, selection, coord ination, expression, look and feel and arrangement of such Content, contained herein and related thereto online or offl ine, unless otherwise indicated, is in the public d omain, or is owned, controlled or licensed by or to Prague Special Tour s s.r.o. walking tours company, and is protected by copyright, trade dress, patent and trademark laws, and/or various ot her intellectual property rights and/or unfair comp etition laws. You understand that your use of the Content is subject to the usage rules listed herein and it is intended for your own personal, and non-commercial use. You may not autho rize, encourage or allow any part of the Content or other materials and files viewed, purchased, downloaded a nd/or rented by you to be reproduced, modified, per formed, transferred, shared, distributed or otherwise used by anyone else. You may not copy, display or use Co ntent without the prior written consent of Prague Special Tours s .r.o. You agree to any photography of myself taken during the tour to be used as promotional material. WALKING TOURS: All sales for the guided walking tour are final and include given transport or admission fee costs. Tours are all subject to weather and technical cond itions and may be posponed, delayed or cancelled du e to the given or other reasons (vis major) and in that case the f ull complete service can be supplied the price char ged will be refunded in its full value in CZK currency. Lost ti ckets cannot be replaced or refunded. Latecomers ma y be able to join the tour in progress, but it is not assured, and ab solutely no refunds or make goods will be given. Th is ticket does not include admission to any of the other sites and att ractions on the tour than ones which are specified in the inclusions of each tour. Some sites and attractions charge incre mental admission fees if you want to enter. Advance purchase(s) recommended. This ticket is a license which can be revoked at any time for any reason. Holder assumes all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards ari sing from or related in any way to the event for wh ich this ticket is issued whether occurring prior to, during or after the event and agrees that the Prague Special Tours s.r.o. walking tours company and the on-site ticketing venue are n ot liable under any conditions. Prague Special Tour s s.r.o. walking tours company is not liable in any way for event an d tour cancellations due to Acts of God or otherwis e with events out of our control. Event data, tour route, sites and a ttractions, times and size of tours are subject to change without notice. In the event that any one or more of the pr ovisions or parts of a provision contained in these Terms & Conditions shall for any reason be held to be inval id, illegal or unenforceable in any respect in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall no t affect any other provision or part of a provision of this Agreement or the validity or enforceability of such provision or por tion thereof in any other jurisdiction. The recordi ng of any part of the guided tour, including, but not limited to, the nar rative, stories, depictions, and the like, by any m eans whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the advance written per mission of an authorized representative of Prague S pecial Tours s.r.o. walking tours company. Photographs and/or vi deotape and/or recordings taken during the tour on behalf of Prague Special Tours s.r.o. walking tours company m ay include your image, likeness and/or voice. You a gree that Prague Special Tours s.r.o. walking tours company m ay use such photographs and/or videotape and/or rec ordings for any purpose, promotional or otherwise, without comp ensation to you. Please contact Prague Special Tour s s.r.o. walking tours company. REFUNDATION POLICY: The Purchased tickets can be refunded only due to h ealth, technical, weather, legal or other given reasons not influencable by the customer in t he value of 90% up to the day of Product validity d ate. Otherwise the purchased value of the tour is not refundable i n cash or other monetary value but can be changed t hough for other products or services in the given amount and its fu ll value. For a „No show-up“ the full price amount will be charged. PRIVACY: Your privacy is respected by us. We do work with th ird parties on various matters, including, but not limited to, developing our tour(s) and historical interpret ation, developing and hosting our Web site(s) and o ther technologically assisted applications, selling tick ets, selling tour packages, processing payments and conducting transactions. From time to time, we may communicate with you to solicit feedback, to offer you special promotional offers, to help us better develop our tour(s), etc. Please note that all users purchasing tickets to t he guided walking tours are subject to those specific terms and condi tions as noted herein, as well as the privacy polic ies of our third party vendors and partners (i.e., PayPal) – please check with these third parties for their user agree ments and privacy policies. We do not share your personal information with any other third party site for any third part y marketing purposes. Photograps and videos taken during the wa lking tour may be used for advertising and marketin g purposes. Unless otherwise noted herein, Prague Special Tours s.r.o. walking tours company Web site and its rela ted site(s), including its content and information contained her ein, are presented on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We make no representations or warranties of any kind whethe r express or implied in connection with the content and information on the Web site(s) including, but not limited to, w arranties as to content and information being timel y, accurate and/or available, merchantability, non-infringement of int ellectual property or fitness for a particular purp ose, to the extent to which such representations and warranties may lawfu lly be excluded. Use of this site and the informati on and content contained herein is at the user's sole risk. SAFETY: The booking is accepted on the understanding that Y ou realise and accept the dangers, risks and hazard s inherent in any tour activity by the Prague Special Tours Travel agency. Prague Special Tours s.r.o., it's owners or employees shall not be liable for any delay or defa ult in the tour caused by conditions beyond its con trol including, but not limited to, bad weather and/ or any local road works/ repairs en-route, damage or injury of any ki nd to any participant. Every participant assumes full respons ibility for their own safety and conduct at all tim es and must ensure that their behaviour in no way puts at risk the wel fare of themselves or that of any other person. All participants agree to obey the instructions of the guide. CHILDREN: Children under age of 11years may attend any tour for free if accompanied by a parent or legal attend ee. VOUCHER: I acknowledge that it is important to print the to ur-voucher and register it prior the tour at the st arting point.

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